Cardi B Defends Sweetheart Mercedes Morr Amid Criticisms After Murder-Suicide

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker blasts critics who blame the murdered Instagram personality for her own demise after she was murdered by her suicidal stalker.

AceShowbizCardi B has come to the defence of late Instagram model Mercedes Morr after online trolls blamed the social media star for bringing on her own death.

Morr, real name Jenae Gagnier, died in an apparent murder-suicide in Houston, Texas over the weekend (27-29Aug21).

The 33 year old was found strangled to death in her apartment by an alleged stalker, Florida resident Kevin Alexander Accorto, who was found upstairs in a pool of blood after stabbing himself in the neck.

Online critics began blaming Morr for her own demise because she was a public figure on multiple social channels, including Facebook, Snapchat, and OnlyFans.

Cardi B, one of several celebrities who were following Morr online, lashed out, writing on her Instagram Live, “So sad and f**k you b**ches and nikkas trying to justify it cause of her lifestyle. Ya will hate on a bad b**ch dead or alive. She was a sweetheart (sic).”

Morr’s mother thanked the “Bodak Yellow” rapper for her support, telling TMZ the rap star took the attention away from her daughter’s alleged murderer and put it back on Mercedes.

The family has also invited Cardi to Morr’s celebration of life in Houston on Saturday (04Sep21), but even if she can’t make it to the memorial, they’re still grateful she has brought awareness to the case.

In a lengthy Instagram post made shortly after accounts of her death were made public, Morr’s sister London claimed the man who killed Mercedes had been stalking her online.

Her father, Mark, also tweeted he was upset with gossip surrounding his daughter’s death.

“The false statements put out by social media and several news outlets is alarming. The death of my daughter is still under investigation. Until we have all the facts no statement will be made please respect the family.”

Mark reportedly found his daughter’s body at the bottom of a staircase on Sunday when he went to check on her after not hearing from her for a few days. He kicked in the door to gain entry and that is when he says Accorto stabbed himself in the neck.

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