Camila Cabello’s ‘It’s A Mystery’ Tattoo Only Says ‘A Mystery’ Now – Find Out Why!

Camila Cabello hits the stage for the 2019 B96 Jingle Bash at the Allstate Arena on Saturday night (December 7) in Chicago.

The 22-year-old “Living Proof” singer rocked the event with her performance, singing some of her major hits like “Senorita”, “Never Be The Same” and many more.

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During her recent Q&A at her pop-up experience this weekend, Camila opened up about getting her first tattoo and the reason she has to go through the pain all over again.

“OK guys, my tattoo’s screwed,” she shared. “Because I didn’t put moisturizer on it. Who here has tattoos?”

Turns out, Camila didn’t follow the after-care rules!

“First rule, you gotta moisturize it when you get it…it’s faded!” she shared, revealing that the ‘it’s’ part of her ‘it’s a mystery’ tattoo is now gone.

“I gotta go through this pain again,” she added. “That’s OK — I love the pain!”

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