BTS and ARMY Raised an Astonishing Amount For the 'Love Myself' Campaign Against Violence With UNICEF

It’s hard to deny that K-pop supergroup BTS has a lot of influence with their humongous international ARMY fanbase. And it’s great to know they’re using that platform to spread some positivity around the world.

Over four years, the group’s initiative with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) raised a mega impressive amount of money. Furthermore, the “Love Myself” campaign garnered massive social media attention and brought much needed awareness to their message.

UNICEF and BTS promote ending violence through love: ‘Love myself, share love’

In 2017, BTS and its label BigHit Music partnered with the Korean Committee for UNICEF. The group members “expressed their willingness to become the first artists in Korea to raise funds as part of a social fund for global campaigns.”

The message they wanted to share was one of self-love, as well as giving love to others. They also wanted to “donate a portion of their income from album sales and 100% of all profits from the sale of goods to numerous social programs — inclusive of violence prevention against children and teens as well as support programs for the victims of violence.”

According to the campaign’s website, the intention of the partnership was to “to lend a helping hand to children and teens exposed to violence” globally. The name “Love Myself” is apparently a shortened version of their idea of the true meaning of love: “love myself, share love.”

It’s really no wonder fans adore them! But how active was the group in the campaign?

UNICEF: ‘BTS has helped spark a positive message with its ARMY’

The members of BTS have been very active in raising awareness for the campaign individually and as a group. For instance, UNICEF was welcomed to set up booths at concerts to provide information on staying safe and getting help. The members also spoke at the U.N. headquarters on several different occasions.

Notably, the group filmed a music video for their song “Permission to Dance” at the headquarters. It was released on the U.N.’s YouTube channel – which has 2 million subscribers – and received more than 27 million views.

The initiative was a social media success, generating millions of tweets, likes, comments – you name it. In a statement, UNICEF’s Executive Director said, “The groundbreaking way in which BTS has helped spark a positive message with its ARMY is simply unmatched and incredibly invaluable.”

The ‘Love Myself’ partnership will continue

According to UNICEF, “BTS and BigHit Music renewed their commitment to the campaign, pledging over $1million.” They also promised to donate “proceeds from the sale of ‘Love Myself’ merchandise, and a portion of the album sales.”

“We hope to keep doing what we are doing and voice what we are voicing, so we can help people find happiness and love,” BTS said in a statement.  “We will be honored if all seven of us can continue this campaign to return the amazing love that we have received.”

There’s little doubt they’ll have ARMY right behind them to help continue the work.

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