Brooks Koepka Is Fed Up With Bryson DeChambeau

Golfer Brooks Koepka finished in a tie for second place at this past weekend’s 2021 PGA Championship, but its an interview that he did afterwards that’s got the internet talking. Talking might be putting it lightly: Koepka’s complete and utter disdain for fellow golfer Bryson DeChambeau (who finished 38th in the weekend’s tournament) as he walked by during Koepka’s TV interview is both remarkable and relatable.

The 31-year-old was explaining some of the trouble he had putting with some of the stronger winds, when DeChambeau walked by, and stopped him in his tracks. Now, the two did not interact at all. But the sound of metal cleats—which DeChambeau wears—clearly stopped Koepka in his tracks. As he walks by, Koepka paused, rolled his eyes out of pure exasperation, and tried to continue. “Sometimes…” he said, realizing he wouldn’t be able to continue. “I fucking…I lost my train of thought, hearing that bullshit. Fucking christ.”

The crew interviewing Koepka laughed it off, and the raw footage shows them starting the interview over; the anchor tells Koepka that they’re going to enjoy watching that one back later, and Koepka implies that he doesn’t care if everyone sees his annoyance. “I honestly wouldn’t even care,” he says.

The video that’s gone viral was uploaded by Twitter user @RJWinfield, and is only 45 seconds long.

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