Britney Spears Hasn't Spoken To Her Father Since The Abuse Incident – But Her Momma Is 'Trying To Change Things'

Britney Spears may have lost her latest bid to remove her dad as conservator, but it doesn’t sound like their relationship will be improving any time soon.

As we’ve been reporting, Brit has been fighting in court to regain some control over her life after being under conservatorship for more than a decade. Unfortunately, her father Jamie Spears has fought her at every turn, seemingly wanting to keep the pop star under his thumb.

A source told People that the Toxic singer has “had issues” with her father for “a long time.” They said:

“She feels like he has no respect for her wishes. It’s a sad situation. Jamie has always had a tendency to shut down Britney’s requests without any discussion.”

Considering he won’t step aside and let an objective third party take over as conservator, we’d have to agree with that assessment!

And though their lawyers are currently duking it out in court, the father-daughter duo haven’t spoken in more than a year! The insider explained:

“Since the drama that happened between Preston and Jamie, Britney has not had any contact with her dad.”

In case you forgot during the year of too much news that has been 2020, back in September of last year Britney’s eldest son Sean Preston accused Jamie of abuse. His father, Kevin Federline, went so far as filing a police report for battery. So far as we know Jamie has not been able to see his grandchildren since, either.

Meanwhile, momma Lynne Spears has finally gotten involved and is now attempting to advocate for her daughter. The People source shared:

“Lynne is trying to change things around though and has asked the court to let her be more involved. She is close with Britney and wants what’s best for her. Britney’s situation is very complex, but Lynne agrees there needs to be a change.”

During Tuesday’s court hearing, Lynne supported the Mickey Mouse Club alum’s motion to remove Jamie from the picture. Her lawyer claimed that the 38-year-old has had “dark days” because of her dad, according to Entertainment Tonight. He even alleged that Jamie once told Lynne that their daughter is “like a racehorse and needs to be handled as one.” WTF?!

Jamie’s legal team dismissed this as “hearsay,” alongside Brit’s lawyer Samuel Ingham’s claim that the artist is “afraid” of her father. And while that may be technically, legally true, the fact that Jamie’s family is battling him tooth and nail in court definitely lends some credence to the claims.

Still, per ET, docs filed on Jamie’s behalf read:

“No one loves Britney as much as Mr. Spears loves his daughter. He wants his daughter to be happy, healthy, protected, and thriving. His love for Britney is a material factor in how he has been able to turn her estate around from being in the red to what it is now.”

Look, if the court is ruling that someone needs to be in charge of the conservatorship, and Britney is actually OK with that — just that it not be him… why not let Lynne take a crack at it?

While it’s not clear how this is all going to shake out, what is clear is that this fight is far from over. We continue to wish Britney the best!

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