Brantley Gilbert, HARDY & Toby Keith Team Up On ‘The Worst Country Song Of All Time’

Brantley Gilbert, HARDY and Toby Keith have teamed up for a new song called “The Worst Country Song of All Time.”
The track dropped on Friday, June 18, via The Valory Music Co.

“I love cities and traffic jams/I don’t want a house on a piece of land//I deserve a bunch of money and a minivan/But I don’t wanna earn a dime/Old Yeller didn’t make me sad/I think we should change the American flag, yeah/This is the worst country song of all time,” the song’s chorus goes.

Gilbert, Hardy, Hunter Phelps and Will Weatherly co-wrote “The Worst Country Song of All Time.” The song was born from Hardy’s idea.

“He said, ‘Guys, I know this is crazy, but I had a title I put down in my phone: ‘The Worst Country Song of All Time,'” Gilbert recalled in a press release.

“We all laughed it off, because obviously it was a joke,” he continued. “Then, we all were throwing out lines we thought were funny. The next thing you know, we’ve got this song written, and the rest is history in the making.”

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