Blue Ivy, 10, send fans wild as she cringes over Jay Zs embarrassing dad moment

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy was seen appearing embarrassed by her dad for a brief moment as the pair attended the NBA Finals Game in San Francisco on Monday.

The 10 year old looked like the spitting image of her superstar mum whilst sat front row at the game with Jay Z, 52, and had sported tumbling curls styled especially for the occasion.

Blue Ivy seemed to be enjoying herself as she watched the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics play – except for one moment, when her dad left her cringing as he nearly spoiled her hairstyle, to the amusement of fans.

As the camera in the arena panned over to Jay Z, the rapper pulled his daughter in close to him to give her a cuddle and a kiss, before she quickly removed his hand from her shoulder.

“Dad, my hair!” Blue Ivy appeared to say as she protected her mane, while Jay Z was seen laughing in response.

Beyoncé, 40, had clearly inspired her daughter with the hairstyle as the Single Ladies singer has been seen rocking voluminous curls many times onstage.

Blue Ivy also sported pink lipgloss and sparkly hoop earrings, alike her famous mum on many occasions, and wore a black leather jacket and black and white Nike trainers to the game.

The clip of Jay Z appearing to embarrass his daughter quickly went viral as fans gave their tickled reactions on social media.

One person tweeted: “If there’s one thing blue is gonna do, it’s humble her parents; Legendary honestly. She's not embarrassed.”

“Haha she is so embarrassed,” a second fan wrote, as another commented: “Did she just say ‘dad, my hair?’ I might just be obsessed with her”.

A fourth person commented: “Her parents are the most famous people in the world but she gotta keep them humble”.

Fans also could not get over how much Blue Ivy resembled her iconic mum in appearance and behaviour as she was filmed at the basketball game, as one person tweeted: "Man, blue ivy looks exactly like Beyoncé".

Another said convinced: “She’s got Beyoncé’s attitude and facial expressions and I love it!”

Blue Ivy was last seen in public at the end of last year when she appeared in her mum’s Ivy Park campaign alongside her sister Rumi, who turned five on Monday along with her twin brother Sir.

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