Behati Prinsloo Says Adam Levine Wants to Have Five Children – Is She All in?

Behati also talks about saving the black Rhinos in Namibia, where the model is from, with Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, adding that she has a ‘crazy trip’ in the country.

AceShowbizBehati Prinsloo and Adam Levine‘s little family may be growing bigger. The model recently stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show“, on which she revealed that she and her singer husband are planning to have more kids in the future.

Ellen DeGeneres first talked about how she named the couple’s first child Dusty. “Dusty Rose–I thought that was a sweet name. And you were very against it,” Ellen said, to which Behati responded, “You know, I… Adam brought it to me pretty early on in my pregnancy. And he was like, ‘Ellen came up with this amazing name, Dusty.’ And I love Dusty Springfield, so I know–obviously, we know the name.”

“And I was like, ‘Dusty?’ ” she went on explaining. “Like, that is not–my parents are going to think it’s like a piece of dust. They’re Afrikaans. English is not their first language. Dusty… no way. No, no, no way.” However, she ended up naming her first born Dusty because “she is a Dusty.”

When asked if they would have more children, Behati said that they did, especially because Adam wanted to have five kids. “And I thought I wanted five, but now I think maybe like three or four will be good,” shared the mother of two. “You know, Adam can’t have everything.”

During the episode, Behati also talked about saving the black Rhinos in Namibia, where Behati is from, with Save the Rhino Trust Namibia. “It made sense for me to kind of be part of this organization, because I’m from Namibia–my parents still live there. And I think as a Namibian, and as someone who loves animals and want to make a change, I just heard–and we all know poaching is going on. We all know the devastating stuff that’s happening,” she explained. “But I just really wanted to join and make a difference. Use my voice to let people know, spread awareness.”

“So I joined SRT, and we went down there and we had a crazy trip,” she recalled. “We met amazing people doing incredible things on the ground for these animals.”

Behati then continued explaining that when she was a child, she did see these animals running around. “Not as much as we should see them, especially the black rhino. They are very solitary animals. Through poaching, their numbers have declined from the 60s to 90s by 98%, which is crazy,” she shared.

As for why people are poaching the rhinos, Behati explained that it was because their horn has keratin. “A lot of Asian countries believe that it’s a form of status, and then also medicinal. So they think it will cure anything from a headache to cancer, which is not true,” the model added. “It’s just really sad. And i feel like we as humans beings are doing this, and we’re poaching them, and we can stop it.”

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