Ashlee Keating Drops New Music Video For ‘YASSS’ – Exclusive Premiere!

Ashlee Keating is debuting her music video for her empowering song “YASSSexclusively with Just Jared Jr!

The 26-year-old singer and actress’ video was directed by Nick Ramsey and produced by Lauren Brooks.

Ashlee opened up with us about “YASSS” and how she wanted to uplift the world right now with her song and video.

“We’ve gone through some tough times during the last few months, and I wanted to do my part to try and bring hope and happiness through my art. The world needed a pick-me-up, and I wanted “YASSS” to be that,” she told JJJ. “I hope that the lyrics encourage empowerment and confidence, and the uptempo beat will help people forget about their worries for a minute.”

“Creatively, I wanted the video to be colorful, poppy, and most importantly, fun!” Ashlee added. “I wanted people to hear it and feel inspired to get up and do that in-home work out, have that dance party in the mirror with themselves or their quarantine buddy, or just feel the positive vibes for a few minutes, to help make it through another day at home.”

Watch the full video now!

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