This Is What Angel Merino's Beauty Routine Looked Like For a Virtual Pride This Year

This Is What Angel Merino’s Beauty Routine Looked Like For a Virtual Pride This Year

Pride Month in June is something that members of the LGBTQ+ community look forward to all year. So, when COVID-19 interfered with this year’s festivities, canceling all of the large-scale, in-person events and parades that have become synonymous with Pride, many people were understandably upset — especially coming after the all-out celebrations of Stonewall 50 WorldPride 2019 the year prior.

“I was pretty bummed at all of the festivals across the country were canceled due to COVID,” Angel Merino, megainfluencer and founder of Artist Couture, told POPSUGAR. “Pride is always something that’s super near and dear to my heart personally, as a member of the LGBTQI community.” But instead of calling it quits, Merino started brainstorming a way to celebrate Pride Month in a different way — virtually.

“I wanted to still be able to celebrate Pride but also just make it about equality in general and really be supportive of not only the LGBTQI community but also the Black Lives Matter movement,” said Merino. “I was just really taken aback as to why we even have Pride and how it came about, with the Stonewall riots, and how that was primarily led by transgender and Black people.”

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