Bride’s mother-in-law sparks rage by wearing white to the wedding

Most people know that wearing white to someone else’s wedding is one of the biggest faux pas you can make. 

Those of sound mind tend to avoid all creamy or white hues to avoid upstaging the bride.

And this rule really applies to everyone in the bridal party.

So when a bride-to-be found out her mother-in-law was planning on wearing a white frock on her big day, she took to Mumsnet for advice.

So what would you do in her situation?

The anonymous wrote on the open forum: “Me and DF (darling fiance) are getting married soon. 

“And just as the title suggests my soon to be mother-in-law is wearing a cream top and jacket and a pale grey skirt! 

“Went round yesterday and she shows me these white bridal shoes and white satin bag!”

She then asked for other Mumsnetters views on this situation using the popular acronym AIBU – which means “Am I being unreasonable?”

She asked: “AIBU for being slightly miffed at this? 

“We had a very recent fall out so she may have done it on purpose to annoy me!”

Following the woman’s plea for advice, the forum was divided.

Some didn’t see the problem with one replying: “As long as she isn’t wearing a veil I think everyone won’t get the two of you muddled.

“A grey skirt isn’t a very bridal look.”

Some pointed out that given everyone knows the unwritten rule about white at a wedding, so she’d only make herself look bad.

One responder wrote: “The only thing that could happen – and it’s more for her to worry about than you – is that people might give her the side-eye.” 

But others empathised with the original poster’s rage.

A Mumsnetter remarked: “Oh come on, I’d be a bit miffed too to be honest. Of all the colours she chooses cream?”

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