21 Makeup Looks You Can Do With the Huda Beauty Mercury in Retrograde Palette

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Mercury in retrograde isn’t all bad if it comes in the form of a Huda Beauty eye shadow palette.

The latest launch from the incredibly successful brand — created by beauty entrepreneur and Instagram megababe Huda Kattan — is an 18-pan eye shadow palette called Mercury in Retrograde, full of celestial-inspired colors that are out of this world, literally. The edit of shades are all very different from one another — ranging from bright turquoise to deep plum — but all work together beautifully, thanks to the fact that they are almost all cool-toned and come in a variety of finishes. You’ll find buttery mattes, delicate shimmers, bold metallics, and galactic glitters, all in one palette.

People on Instagram have taken entirely different routes with their looks using the Huda Beauty Mercury in Retrograde palette ($67) — including Huda herself. Some have gone all out with a bright and colorful cut crease, while others have taken a slightly more minimal approach, using just the metallic hues as a pop of color on the inner corners of their eyes. But they all have one thing in common: they’re mind-blowingly pretty. And it just goes to show, brightly colored palettes shouldn’t scare anyone, because there are so many ways to use them.

Read on to see exactly how 21 people have used the palette to create intergalactic makeup looks.

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