Lee Daniels Entertainment Announces Diverse Creative Workshop

Lee Daniels Entertainment and the online entertainment network Represent by OMV have launched a diversity-focused creative workshop to promote a diverse group of new writers.

The workshop will be held from Sept. 25-28 in Los Angeles, with travel provided by American Airlines. Industry professionals will mentor aspiring creatives from underrepresented communities with workshops, meetings with LDE and Represent executives and studio visits.

“It has been my goal to create opportunities for diverse creatives and to tell inclusive stories. I have always been about giving all creatives a chance and the LDE Creative Workshop  is another step in driving diversity and inclusion in Hollywood,” said Daniels.

Aspiring writers looking to participate in the workshop must follow the submission guidelines, including following Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Applicants should also submit a 15 seconds Instagram or Facebook story video describing why LDE and Represent by OMV should select the applicant for the program and tag LDE and Represent by OMW official accounts. Deadline is Aug. 31.

Represent is a free online network backed by Original Media Ventures that gathers storytellers with the mission of encouraging new and diverse voices in the entertainment industry.

Lee Daniels Entertainment produces “Empire,” “Star” and the upcoming “Ms. Pat.”

Daniels is currently in post-production with the television film “Good People,” which he wrote and directed. He has long planned to direct a remake starring Oprah Winfrey of the 1983 “Terms of Endearment,” adapted from the the Larry McMurtry novel of the same name.

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Thug, 24, who stabbed dad to death with ‘Rambo’ knife jailed for 23 years

A 24-year-old man who stabbed a father to death with a Rambo-style hunting knife has been jailed for at least 23 years.

Jahmel Michael Riley was found guilty of murdering Dennis Anderson outside an off licence in East Dulwich in February.

Riley attacked 39-year-old Mr Anderson after a row broke out.

Mr Anderson was returning home from a party in the early hours of Sunday February 10 when he went into the Payless Food and Wine store with a group of friends.

Riley was already in the shop and had been asking customers aggressively for a cigarette.

He asked Dennis but an argument broke out.

Riley appeared to be about to leave but he then unsheathed a large hunting knife.

Witnesses saw Riley raise the knife before Dennis stepped towards him and attempted to wrestle the weapon out of his hands.

CCTV footage showed the struggle between the two men inside before they spilled out into the street through the door.

Footage from outside the store showed Riley stabbing Dennis to death before fleeing the scene.

The father-of-one was left with a deep neck wound that severed both his carotid artery and jugular vein, as well as injuries to his face, upper back and left hand.

Met Police officers and paramedics were called to the scene at 2.40am but the dad could not be saved.

Detective Inspector Domenica Catino, from the Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command, who has led the investigation, said: “This is a very tragic incident that has left me filled with anguish as Dennis Anderson’s death was totally unavoidable.

“Witnesses of the attack, including close friends of the victim, and CCTV footage showed that Riley had chances to avoid the confrontation and the leave the off-license.

"The two men did not know each other and Dennis was killed solely because he refused Riley’s request for a cigarette.

"That is the value that Riley places on life.

“My deepest sympathies extend to Dennis’ family and friends, particularly those that witnessed a shocking event unfold in such a needless manner.”

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC read an incredibly moving victim impact statement penned by Mr Anderson's long-term partner Leeanne Manzi.

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Fruitarian couple reveal Michael Jackson was inspiration behind diet overhaul

After unable to get a definitive answer on why he felt so rubbish and rundown, Ali Reza Khorasany took matters into his own hands.

Ali, 28, visited his doctor at the end of 2014 looking to get to the bottom of what was causing his constipation, excess wind, bloating , excess fat, acne, dark circles, dehydration and fatigue.

At the time of the GP appointment, he'd been bodybuilding and forging a successful career in banking. He felt burnt out but his doctor told him he was "fine".

His research into overhauling his diet brought up Michael Jackson , who winded up becoming unlikely lifestyle inspiration.

Ali explains:"The real nugget in the whole story was my long-time fanaticism over Michael Jackson who maintained a lean body, radiant glow, endless energy and clarity of mind consistently for his whole career.

"I started with the statement 'something is wrong'. I dug out as much research as I could as to what was MJ doing that we are not, and just as important, what he was he not doing.

"I learnt he didn't consume any animal products, abided to a strict 'vegetarian diet', a term that in the eighties was not the same definition as today, back then it most likely was equivalent of vegan today, and most important he mostly drank raw fresh living orange juice.

"A raw vegan fruit-based diet is a high carb diet in which you consume predominantly raw living fresh whole fruit with some tender leafy greens, nuts and seeds in relatively smaller quantities.

"In particular, the focus is on non-seasonal tropical fruits such as papaya and banana as staples."

In 2017 Ali met Daniella Siira, 22, from Sweden on Instagram , who' had adapted her diet in the same way in November 2016.

Daniella said: "I had issues with anorexia, binge eating, over exercising, digestive issues, and anxiety before. Through the change of diet my whole being has changed and improved.

"It is a very unique way of eating and being, so it takes practice to be able to eat this way in today's world."

She added: "Bloating has decreased immensely, even after the bigger meals. Gas and digestive issues have also decreased immensely. I feel clearer minded, positive, loving and social. The issue of what to eat on the go is gone as fruit is the best and easiest food to pack and eat."

Now both 'wellness consultants' at Flavours of Light ,Ali and Daniella split their time between South-East Asia, the UK and Sweden.

The pair say their diet is made up of 98 per cent fruit, and enjoy green juices and salads alongside their regime. 

"Finding, affording enough ripe, sweet fruit from good soil in enough quantity to avoid hunger can be a challenge," Ali said.

"Also, the cleansing process can be challenging depending on the history. I am cleansing 24 years of meat, dairy, eggs, processed food. It is not easy. Lots of elimination from every channel takes place which can smell, hurt, itch or simply be gruelling."

Danielle isn't oblivious to the fact that people may be sceptical of her diet and way of life.

"It may seem absolutely insane and not sustainable," she explains.

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Peterborough man charged with public indecency after police receive complaint

A Peterborough man has been charged after allegedly performing an indecent act in a public place on Saturday.

The Peterborough Police Service says that around 6:30 p.m., a complainant reported witnessing a man performing an indecent act outside of an apartment building.

Police then launched an investigation into the complaint.

As a result, Wayne Holland, 54, of Water Street, was arrested and charged with performing an indecent act in a public place.

He was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court in Peterborough on Sep. 18.

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Emily Ratajkowski Wore This Polka-Dot Dress With a Classic Meghan Markle Sneaker

Emily Ratajkowski Wore This Polka-Dot Dress With a Classic Meghan Markle Sneaker

Collectively, the Fashion editors at POPSUGAR have deemed Emily Ratajkowski the queen of the Summer day dress. She impressed us with a one-shoulder Monse design and a bright, cutout ribbed midi back in June, and that was only setting the tone for the rest of the season. Emily spent a laid-back day in New York City in this polka-dot midi with a fluted hem, fitted bodice, and tie sleeves that blew in the wind behind her as she walked down the street.

Rather than using this number for date night material, Emily slipped into white Veja low-tops (you may recall that Meghan Markle’s a fan of the brand) and accessorized with Oliver Peoples x The Row sunglasses and a satin The Row Ascot bag. Jewelry-wise, Emrata chose gold hoops and a couple of pendant necklaces, one of which came with an “S” charm from Uno de 50 for Emily’s husband, Sebastian. How sweet?! No, really, that’s what this look screams — it’s purely sweet. It’s also almost too easy to pull off.

While the supermodel and Inamorata designer has slipped into neon belly shirts and also made cargo pants look mind-blowingly sexy, we love it when she takes a step back and reminds us to stay true to our favorite simple prints. Keep reading to shop the essentials.

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Melania Trump: How First Lady shared insight into Barron’s relationship with Donald

The 2015 interview with People magazine was Melania’s first interview since her husband announced he was running to be US President. The Trumps have managed to keep their son mostly out of the limelight, but the future First Lady let slip that Barron likes golf, much like his father. Reflecting on her only child’s numerous interests, she said: “He wants to be a golfer, a businessman, a pilot.”

Melania added: “It’s that age when you introduce him to stuff.”

Meanwhile, the President owns numerous golf courses including one in Scotland he regularly visits.

He has even been criticised for reportedly playing golf a lot during his Presidency – according to CNN, he golfed 92 times in his first year.

As well as this revelation, Melania claimed to be hands-on mother, who helps her son with his homework and takes him to after school activities.

FLOTUS, who was born and grew up in Slovenia, said she is raising Barron to be bilingual and that he regularly talks to his grandmother over the phone in Slovenian.

Melania’s mother Amalija Knauss was a fashion designer and her father Viktor a car dealer.

However, she emphasised that she supports the now-President’s view on foreign languages.

She said: “My opinion is that the more languages you speak the better, but when you come to America, you speak English.”

The successful model first came to the US in 1996 and met the real estate mogul two years later.

The pair married in 2005 and Barron was born the year after.

When it comes to Melania’s relationship with her husband’s four children from previous marriages, she claimed she is their “friend” rather than a maternal figure of any sort.

She told People: “I’m their friend. I’m not their mum. I met them when they were teenagers.

The Queen’s ‘secret message’ to Donald Trump during state banquet [REVEALED]
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“I went to their high school graduations and college graduations, so we know each other for a long time.”

The  future First Lady insisted she is “not a yes person”, a trait that her husband reportedly likes about her.

She said: “I’m my own person. I’m not a yes person. So I tell it as it is.”

She added: “I tell my opinions and I was always like that. So I think he likes that.”

Mr Trump chimed in to say that he thinks Melania would be “an amazing representative for our country”.

He added that he could see Melania getting involved with issues around women’s health.

The future President added: “She’s an elegant person with a very big heart.

“She’s very calm and confident, very warm and beautiful.”

Melania has remained loyal to her husband’s rhetoric over the past few years and even in 2015 said she agreed with his hardline stance on immigration.

She said: “I went through a whole long process [to become a citizen].

“It didn’t even cross my mind to just stay here. I think people should follow the law.”

When asked about her personal interests, Melania said she enjoys fashion, magazines, tennis and pilates.

She explained: “My mother was a fashion designer, so it was always in my blood.”

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Auction of ‘First’ Porsche Starts at $30 Million by Mistake: 'It Was a Screw-Up'

The RM Sotheby’s Auction had a bit of a mishap Saturday night during the selling of what some car collectors call the “first” Porsche.

Over the weekend, car fanatics gathered in Monterey, California, to witness the bidding of Lot No. 362, the famed Porsche Type 64 — a Nazi-era car built by Ferdinand Porsche nine years before he started his famed car company. It was one of three of its kind produced at the time, but the last one remaining.

According to the New York Times, the vintage vehicle was supposed to open at $13 million during the Saturday night action, however, the bidding accidentally started at $30 million by mistake.

“When they mentioned 30 million to start, I thought that’s quite a strong starting price,” David Lee, a car collector and businessman from the Los Angeles area told the NYT. He then explained that the auctioneer had an accent “and didn’t say the teens well,” making it difficult to understand whether he was saying “30” or “13.”

The Porsche bidding took another wrong turn when the lot, which was only supposed to take bids in increments of $1 million or less, showed bids skyrocketing by increments of $10 million.

The room was filled with excitement as auctiongoers saw the bids jump from $30 million to $40 million to $50 million and then $60 million.

The final, highest bid was a whopping $70 million before the auctioneer noticed the grand mistake and announced that the final bid was actually $17 million and not $70 million.

“It was a screw-up and, chiefly, it let the air out of the balloon when it went from $70 million to $17 million,” John Bothwell, director of Pur Sang, an international automotive manufacturer, told the NYT.

The outlet reported that after the announcement was made, the energy in the room shifted as audience members and bidders “gasped and groaned” over the mistake.

“As bidding opened on the Type 64, increments were mistakenly displayed on the screen, causing unfortunate confusion in the room,” RM Sotheby’s said in a statement on Sunday. “We take pride in conducting our world-class auctions with integrity and we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.”

The statement continued, “This was in no way intentional on behalf of anyone at RM Sotheby’s, rather an unfortunate misunderstanding amplified by the excitement in the room.”

Although the one-of-a-kind, historic Porsche received a total bid of $17 million, the amount was below the minimum price set by the seller, failing to sell and causing RM Sotheby’s to stop the auction.

“We will continue making every effort to sell the car,” the auction house told the outlet, explaining that they now plan to advertise the car on its auction website.

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Village pub owners in manure row see the funny side by offering it out

‘Free manure!’ Village pub owners who had huge pile of manure dumped outside premises with signs claiming ‘the landlord is f***ing my wife’ see the funny side by offering it out to punters for their roses

  • Dirty protest alleged landlord had been cheating on spouse with another woman
  • Five signs from dung-heap each bore the phrase ‘the landlord is f***ing my wife’
  • Pub responded with sign saying: ‘Free manure donated by generous supplier!’
  • Landlord denies allegations, saying they are a smear campaign and ‘unfounded’ 

A pub has jokingly hit back after having a massive pile of manure covered in foul-mouthed signs dumped outside it as a jilted lover accused its landlord of infidelity.

The dirty protest alleged the Hampshire pub’s landlord and chef, Simon Emberley, had been cheating on his spouse, Joanna, with the wife of the anonymous sender.

Five signs protruding from the dung-heap, which was left outside the award-winning Hawkley Inn, near Liss, each bore the phrase ‘the landlord is f***ing my wife’.

But the pub responded with a chalkboard sign outside which said: ‘Limited offer! Free local horse manure donated by generous supplier! Jo and Simon xx.’ 

The Hawkley Inn near Liss, Hampshire, has responded with a chalkboard sign outside which said: ‘Limited offer! Free local horse manure donated by generous supplier! Jo and Simon xx’

Staff posted a picture of the sign on Facebook, with the caption: ‘Simon and I are happy to share the love bestowed upon us this morning by a kind but sadly anonymous benefactor. 

‘Such a shame we can’t contact you directly to thank you in person! Anyone with roses that need a boost, you know where we are!’

The dirty protest alleged the pub’s landlord and chef, Simon Emberley, had been cheating on his spouse, Joanna (pictured together)

The two-metre wide pile was so large that it caused delays for drivers trying to pass through the centre of the picturesque village, before being hosed away by workmen.

It was discovered early yesterday morning by a baffled Mr Emberley, who said he had no idea who has left it there.

Mr Emberley denied the expletive-riddled allegations, claiming the manure and messages were a smear campaign against him and were ‘unfounded and untrue’.

Speaking from his pub yesterday, he said: ‘All I know is I turned up for work at 7.30 this morning, and there was a big pile of s*** in the road.

‘I don’t know where it’s come from or who has done it, but something like this can turn somebody’s life upside down.

‘It is unfounded and untrue – whoever has done it is trying to ruin our business.’

The huge pile of dung was piled up outside the picturesque pub in the village of Hawkley

The poo is now the talk of the town, with locals speculating over who could have put it there. Mrs Emberley said the dung was ‘in the hands of the police now’.

She added: ‘We have done nothing wrong, it is very unfortunate – a group of bullies who have targeted us for no reason.

‘We’re over it – there are much more important things going on in the world. It’s time to move on and talk about something else.’

The pub responded to the manure by putting up a sign offering it to for other people’s gardens

One resident, Philip Chippindale, said he saw it on his road after a friend called him in ‘fits of laughter’.

Mr Chippindale, 70, said: ‘When I saw it, I thought ‘my God, what’s that doing there?’ It was a trailer load – people had to drive around it.

‘Somebody had already told me about it on the phone – he was in fits of laughter about it. It’s a mystery how it got there.’

Another resident on the quiet country road said his brother heard a vehicle pull up outside the pub at around midnight last night.

The pub is described as a ‘jewel’ online, located in an area of outstanding natural beauty 

Police have now launched an investigation into the ‘malicious communications’ written onto the five signs stuck into the heap.

The Hawkley Inn has previously been recognised by travel sites such as Tripadvisor and Trivago for its excellent standards of food and service.

The pub is described as a ‘jewel’ on its website, located in an area of outstanding natural beauty that attracts visitors to the ‘beautiful views’ of the South Downs National Park. 

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‘American Factory’ Review: How an East-West Labor Experiment Went South

It was going to save Moraine, Ohio — that was the plan. The small town outside of Dayton had revolved around a General Motors plant the way a planet orbits around a sun. Then the factory closed two days before Christmas in 2008, the community took a major hit and the truly tough times began. Six years later, however, hope arrived in the unlikely form of the Fuyao Glass Industry Group, a Chinese manufacturing company. They were looking to expand their presence in America, and the old G.M. plant seemed like the perfect location. Local workers were hired to supplement the Chinese workers the company had brought over (or maybe it was vice versa?), and within roughly six months, the Fuyao Glass America would begin producing automobile windshields en masse. An internationally sponsored rust-belt utopia was right around the corner.

Documentarians Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert knew this area intimately; the duo had chronicled the original plant’s final days in an Oscar-nominated 2009 short titled The Last Truck. Going back to Moraine to record the city’s industrial rebirth felt like coming full circle, though not even these veteran vérité filmmakers probably knew what they would be walking into. The winner of the Documentary Best Directing award at this year’s Sundance and the first shingle-hanging project for the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions, American Factory starts as a portrait of a two-way social experiment — a mutually beneficial mix of helping hands and open palms, both calloused from labor. It ends as a testament to the immutable characters of two national identities, the common ground of global-corporate meat grinders and the notion that some gaps simply can’t be bridged. What we have here in this extraordinary case study is not just a failure to communicate but a profound cross-cultural misunderstanding. And like all of the truly great docs of the past 50 years, its ability to contain multitudes within a single captured moment speaks volumes.

There are hints of turmoil to come in a few tiny tremors near the outset: Fuyao Chairman Cao Dewang casually orders that a lobby’s fire alarms be moved, despite the fact that they’re at a regulatory height; a question about unions at a hiring meeting prompts a smiling but firm response from a recruitment rep. The idea to pair a Chinese supervisor with an American worker is supposed to foster a sense of camaraderie and catch folks up to how the company does business. Transplanted Fuyao employees are regaled with tales of Americans’ blunt honesty and told that in this country, “you can even joke about the President and no one will do anything to you.” (The shot of a Chinese laborer listening intently with a McDonald’s coffee cup in front of him is worth a thousand essays on U.S. cultural footprints.) Later, a handful of American supervisors are invited to a ceremony in the motherland, left to marvel over the moral-boosting musical numbers and cringe at a woman picking up jagged glass shards without safety gloves.

We meet a local worker who takes several of his newfound friends out to shoot guns and ride his Harley, and a Chinese lineman who misses his family back home. We also get to know several middle-management types from both countries, each struggling to understand “lazy American workers” and screaming Chinese shift leaders with no regards for standard working hours, respectively. A safety regulator futilely tries to make sure standard operating protocols are neither broken nor bent to the point of endangering lives. An obnoxious Ohio native tries to impress his corporate counterparts by joking that if he were allowed to put duct tape on workers’ mouths, their productivity would increase tenfold. (This same man tries to duplicate a pre-shift military procession used in China’s factories upon his return to Fuyao America. It does not go well.) We ride shotgun with United Auto Workers’ members attempting to organize Fuyao’s beleagured employees and a Union Avoidance Consultant paid by the bosses to dissuade folks of the same. Many of these people will be pink-slipped before the end credits roll.

Tempers flare and words are exchanged even before the inevitable boiling point, though American Factory goes to great pains to avoid easy finger-pointing or stock East-vs.-West villainy. Everyone has their reasons, even the somewhat aloof Chairman Cao; everyone has their familiar business practices that feel foreign or outright fucked-up to outsiders. The film is interested in sketching out a bigger picture of labor under pressure, but it never forgets the human beings on both side of the workforce fence. It may come down to collectivity vs. individuality, output vs. speed, numbers vs. quality, pride of achievement vs. just trying to pay your rent — but as one blue-collar grunt notes, “we’re the one caught in the middle.” Guess who’s ultimately getting the Big Squeeze? Ultimately no one emerges happy, while a somewhat chilling coda about mechanization cross-cutting between shift-exiting workers separated by an ocean suggest that a common enemy is closer than they think. American Factory sets out to chart what’s supposed to be a test run for the future of the auto industry and an example of positive international relations. It ends up capturing a cross-cultural car wreck in slow motion.

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Boxing legend Anthony Joshua watches tourist pop out his glass eye

EXCLUSIVE: It’s a knockout! Boxing legend Anthony Joshua breaks into hysterics as he watches tourist pop out his glass eye

  •  Tourist Daniel Regan, 45, bumped into the heavyweight boxer on the beach 
  • Mr Regan used to want to be a boxer but was unable to due to his glass eye
  • After the two men spoke, Mr Regan removed his false eye as a party trick
  • The former champion boxer was astounded and burst out laughing 

Ring king Anthony Joshua burst out laughing after a British holidaymaker showed him his party trick on the beach, which involved removing his false eyeball.

Tourist Daniel Regan, 45, bumped into the heavyweight boxer on the beach while he was with his family in Marbella, Spain, on Thursday.

The pair got chatting and Mr Regan told the heavyweight that he loved boxing but he had never fought because he lost his eye.

He then offered to show him how he could pop his glass eyeball out.

In a video of the encounter, former champ Joshua, who lost his belts in a shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jnr in June, can be seen wincing and smiling as he looks on.

Tourist Daniel Regan, right, lowers his eyelid to pop out his false eye while the boxer looks on

Mr Regan, right, brandishes his glass eye to amuse Anthony Joshua, left, who laughs heartily

The boxer, wearing black swimming shorts, then bursts into hysterics as prankster Mr Regan holds up his false right eye at El Alcha beach club in San Pedro.

Married father-of-four Mr Regan said: ‘We saw Anthony and his cousin arrive at the club late on in the afternoon.

‘He walked through the pool area and was saying hi to a few folks and staff.

‘He was very friendly and he proceeded to the beach where he enjoyed some jet-skiiing with his cousin.

‘A few of the kids from the group watched, including my niece and friends. My young daughter was also with them.

‘I walked down to check everything was OK, and Anthony had just allowed them to have some pictures.

‘I walked over with my daughter and niece and thanked him for the pictures and had a general conversation about his holiday and briefly spoke to his cousin.

Anthony Johnson, right, fights Andy Ruiz Jr, left, in Madison Square Garden, New York

Former champion Anthony Joshua lost his belts in a shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jnr in June

‘They were very friendly and we got chatting about boxing and how I love boxing but could never fight due to losing my eye.

‘I said to my daughter and niece “Shall we show him my eye trick”?

‘My 12-year old-niece filmed it. My daughter in my arms has seen me do this from birth, so she is very used to seeing me in the bathroom cleaning it, so I must stress she’s OK with it.’

Business consultant Mr Regan, of Buckhurst Hill, Essex was born blind in one eye and had surgery as a tot.

However, it had to be removed when 15 years ago after he got attacked by three men who mistook him for his twin brother when he was 19.

Daniel suffered a detached retina and was taken to the Moorfields Eye Hospital in East London but his eye had to be removed.

‘Anthony asked me what happened to my eye,’ he added. ‘He was shocked but interested in the story. I just did it to show that eyes are precious and to be careful.

‘He appreciated the story and openness. We continued to chat for a bit and went our separate ways. Everything about him was pleasant, his cousin too.’ 


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