1998 Throwback! Watch Sandra Bullock Talk About Practical Magic's Margaritas Scene 21 Years Ago

Sandra Bullock spilled all the secrets from Practical Magic back when she was promoting the movie.

Bullock appears in a Flashback Friday clip shared by Today from its 1998 interview hosted by Katie Couric and featuring Bullock.

The clip shows Bullock and Couric riffing on the movie before the host asks what it was like working with Nicole Kidman.

“I had such a great time,” Bullock said, adding that the two actresses got on very well. “And the fact is, we don’t have anything in common, except for at the dinner table with a bottle of wine and everything sort of blends together.”

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Bullock also talked about the movie’s famous margaritas scene, in which the two actresses and costars Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest dance around the house while drunk. The movie starred the four women as witches living with a curse that kills any man they fall in love with.

“We weren’t drunk when we shot these parts or when we did our close-ups,” Bullock said of the scenes featuring them dancing. “But we had to reshoot a scene where it was far away and we were on our backs and Nicole just put the bottle on the table and said, ‘You know what? There’s no reason we shouldn’t be drunk here.’ And I said, ‘You know what? That’s true.'”

Bullock and Kidman had a brief reunion on the 2018 Oscars red carpet when Kidman crashed Bullock’s interview shortly before the show began.

“She’s doing it again, Nicole Kidman always butts into my stuff. Say it again, say ‘topple over’ again.” Bullock joked.

And Kidman responded with her excitement for Bullock’s movie Oceans 8, after responding to a question about her incredible year. “Topple over. A very good year, I’m very very lucky. I can’t wait to see Ocean’s 8.”

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Bullock continued, “We were talking about when we shot [Practical Magic] together and we asked her to get the tequila, she came back with her own tequila but we drank it anyway. We were a little drunk.”

“I love that movie,” Kidman said. “I showed that movie to my kids. It’s a little above their [level of understanding]… But we’re really good sisters.”

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Tennessee Bride's 4 Grandmothers Serve as Her Flower Girls at Wedding: 'They’re All Besties Now'

Lyndsey Raby and her four grandmothers

A Tennessee bride went the extra mile to ensure her wedding was a family affair by including four of her grandmothers in her ceremony as flower girls.

Lyndsey Raby and her groom Tanner Raby tied the knot on Sept. 22 in Benton, Tennessee, and knew that their grandmothers’ attendance alone was special.

“I’m so lucky,” Lyndsey, 24, told Today Style. “A lot of women don’t get one grandparent at their wedding and I was blessed to have all of them.”

With that in mind, Lyndsey asked her grandmothers Wanda Grant, 76, and Betty Brown, 72, as well as her great-grandmother Kathleen Brown, 90, and Tanner’s grandmother Joyce Raby, 72, to be her flower girls.

“They’re all besties now and talking on Facebook,” the newlywed said. “Family is the most important thing to all of us.”

Lyndsey Raby and her grandmother

All four women made their way down the aisle in matching light blue jackets and ankle-length dresses, as Lyndsey explained that grandma Betty “didn’t want her legs showing.”

She joked that Kathleen, Betty’s mother and “the sassiest little thing in the world,” would’ve been happy to show more skin, as she’s single and on the hunt for a man.

“I do believe they were more excited than my bridesmaids,” Lyndsey told HuffPost of the women’s enthusiasm for participating in the big day.

The grandmothers at the wedding

That spirit was immediately evident to photographer Natalie Caho, who told Today Style that all the women brought a special zest for life with them.

“I was not expecting the level of sass that these girls brought,” she said. “Their energy all day was that of a little girl who was in the same position. It truly just goes to show that age is just a number.”

After Lyndsey shared some photos from the wedding to Facebook, grandmother Joyce made it clear that the love was mutual.

“I felt so special and loved,” she wrote in a comment. “Thanks Tanner and Lyndsey.”

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‘Bluff City Law’ Will Not Receive Full Season Order at NBC

“Bluff City Law” will wrap up its first season after the NBC drama airs its initial 10 episodes.

While not an official cancellation, the move clearly does not bode well for the freshman series getting a second season. The show has aired four episodes to date, with the fifth set to air this coming Monday. In the Live+3 ratings through Oct. 13, the series is averaging just a 0.9 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.3 million viewers. That data does not include the most recent episode, which aired on Oct. 14.

“Bluff City Law” focuses on lawyer Sydney Strait (Caitlin McGee), who used to work at her father Elijah’s (Jimmy Smits) celebrated Memphis law firm until their tumultuous relationship got in the way. After barely speaking to him for years, Sydney is suddenly thrust back into the family fold when her philanthropist mother passes away unexpectedly. In the wake of her loss, hoping to reconnect with the daughter he loves, Elijah asks Sydney to rejoin his firm.

It also stars Scott Shepherd, Barry Sloane, Michael Luwoye, MaameYaa Boafo, Stony Blyden and Jayne Atkinson. Georgaris created the series and executive produces along with Michael Aguliar and David Janollari. Universal Television produces in association with David Janollari Entertainment.

The news comes just two days after NBC announced that it would pull freshman comedy “Sunnyside” off the air, with the remaining episodes to run on the NBC App, NBC.com and other digital platforms. The “Sunnyside” episode that aired on Thursday night was the last to air on NBC, with the final revival season of “Will & Grace” due to take its timeslot beginning Oct. 24.

Commercial Appeal first reported the “Bluff City Law” news.

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De Blasio: ‘Time is wasted’ on Mother Cabrini statue controversy

Mayor de Blasio doesn’t have time to debate the importance of America’s first saint.

“I want us all to start thinking about how people talk about things in this city and how much time is wasted on the wrong things,” de Blasio said on WNYC Friday morning about the controversy over Frances Xavier Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants who founded 67 charities in the late 1800s.

De Blasio also refused to comment on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement on Columbus Day that the state would fund a Cabrini statue.

“I’m just not going to get lost in this,” de Blasio said.

“It’s just not pertinent. What’s pertinent is we are trying to honor the majority of New Yorkers who are women and actually bring their history to life in this city and we’re going to keep doing that and there’s going to be more ahead and I think Mother Cabrini is someone who should be honored and we’re going to make sure it happens,” he said.

A group controlled by the mayor’s wife, Chirlane McCray, nixed the revered Catholic icon in favor of other historic women for the first round of female statues that will be erected in the city as part of the She Built NYC project.

The She Built group asked for nominations from the public and Cabrini was the top vote-getter.

But McCray and former Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen ignored the poll and made the final call, selecting jazz legend Billie Holiday, desegregation activist Elizabeth Jennings Graham, Latina doctor Helen Rodriguez Trias and LGBTQ advocate Sylvia Rivera, who described herself as a drag queen.

Shirley Chisholm, America’s first black congresswoman; Katherine Walker, who saved at least 50 victims of shipwrecks and boat accidents as keeper of the Robbins Reef Lighthouse; and Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender activist involved in the Stonewall uprising will also get statues.

De Blasio claimed on WNYC that “there was never a vote there was never a public process where we said were going to have a vote and whoever gets the most vote wins it was never anything like that.”

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Protests sweep Lebanon as fury at ruling elite grows

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of angry protesters blocked roads, burned tires and marched across Lebanon for a second day on Friday, demanding the removal of a political elite they accuse of looting the economy to the point of breakdown.

Addressing protesters, Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri blamed his rivals in government for obstructing reforms that could have resolved the economic crisis and gave them a 72-hour deadline to stop blocking him, otherwise he hinted he may resign.

He said Lebanon was going through an “unprecedented, difficult time”.

Lebanon’s biggest protests in a decade are reminiscent of the 2011 Arab revolts that toppled four presidents. They have brought people from all sects and walks of life on to the streets, holding banners and chanting slogans calling on Hariri’s government to resign.

“There are those who placed obstacles in front of me since the government was formed, and in the face of all the efforts that I have proposed for reform,” Hariri said, without naming names.

“Whatever the solution, we no longer have time and I am personally giving myself only a little time. Either our partners in government and in the nation give a frank response to the solution, or I will have another say.

“The deadline left is very short, it’s 72 hours,” he added.

At sunset, protesters poured through the villages and towns of Lebanon’s south, north and east as well as the capital Beirut. No political leader, Muslim or Christian, was spared their wrath.

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Across the country, they chanted for leaders, including President Michel Aoun, Hariri and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, to step down.

The mood was a mixture of rage, defiance and hope.

A security source said two protesters were killed and four wounded after the bodyguards of a former member of parliament fired into the air in the northern city of Tripoli.

Fires burned in the streets of Beirut. Pavements were littered with broken glass and torn billboards. Demonstrators came close to Aoun’s palace in Baabda.

Addressing protesters from the presidential palace, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, Aoun’s son-in-law, also blamed other parties for blocking reforms, saying the government must work to stop corruption and avoid imposing new taxes.

“Any alternative to the current government would be far worse and might lead the country into catastrophe and strife,” said Bassil, dismissing calls for the administration to resign.

The latest unrest was prompted by anger over inflation, new tax proposals including a fee on WhatsApp voice calls, and the rising cost of living.

In an unprecedented move, Shi’ite protesters also attacked the offices of their deputies from Lebanon’s influential Hezbollah group and the Amal movement in southern Lebanon.

“We came to the streets because we can no longer bear this situation. This regime is totally corrupt,” said Fadi Issa, 51, who was marching with his son. “They are all thieves, they come to the government to fill their pockets, not to serve the country.”

The demonstrations follow warnings by economists, investors and rating agencies that indebted Lebanon’s economy and graft-entrenched financial system are closer to the brink than at any time since the war-torn 1980s.

Foreign allies have pressured Hariri to enact reforms long promised but never delivered because of vested interests.


“The people want the downfall of the regime,” protesters near the government’s Serail headquarters chanted, echoing “Arab Spring” slogans.

The unrest prompted Hariri to cancel a cabinet meeting due on Friday to discuss the 2020 draft budget.

“Our demand is to stop the salaries of all parliamentarians, prime minister and ministers,” one banner read. “They are looters, down with them.”

Fatima, a dentist, said: “We are protesting against the politicians to force them to give back the money they stole and put it back at the service of the people. If it wasn’t for their corruption there would be no economic crisis.”

In a country fractured along sectarian lines, the unusually wide geographic reach of these protests highlights the deepening anger of the Lebanese. The government, which includes nearly all of Lebanon’s main parties, has long failed to implement reforms that are vital to resolve the crisis.

Christian politician Samir Geagea and Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, whose parties both have ministers in the coalition cabinet, have called on the government to resign.

Seeking ways to boost revenues, a government minister on Thursday announced a new fee for WhatsApp calls, fuelling outrage. But as the protests spread, Telecoms Minister Mohamed Choucair revoked the proposed levy.

Shattered by war between 1975 and 1990, Lebanon has one of the world’s highest debt burdens as a share of its economy. Economic growth has been hit by regional conflict, and unemployment among the under-35s runs at 37%.

The steps needed to fix the national finances have long proven elusive. Sectarian politicians, many of them civil war militia leaders, have used state resources for their own political benefit and are reluctant to give that up.

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Lemann-backed Brazil school chain Eleva to raise $200 million to expand: sources

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazilian K-12 school chain Eleva Educação SA is in talks with investors to raise around $200 million in a new financing round to fund expansion, two sources with knowledge of the matter said.

Eleva is backed by Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, one of the three founders of private equity firm 3G Capital, a controlling shareholder at companies such as Anheuser Busch Inbev, Kraft Heinz co and Restaurant Brands International.

Eleva’s move comes as investors are targeting private K-12 school chains in Brazil, expecting strong growth, given the poor quality of public schools in Brazil.

The school network, which also has a learning system, has doubled its number of students to 70,000 in the last two years and expanded geographically through acquisitions, with 115 schools across eight states. Its revenue is expected to reach 1 billion reais ($240 million) this year.

Eleva was founded by Gera Capital, a Brazilian asset management firm focused on impact sectors.

Proceeds from the new round of financing will be used to fund acquisitions and organic growth. A small portion of the proceeds may also be raised by existing shareholders, although there has been no decision on it yet.

Other Brazilian education groups have been investing in expansion of K-12 private schools, such as Cogna Educacao, formerly known as Kroton Educacional, with its division Saber.

Businessman Chaim Zaher, founder of Yduqs , formerly known as Estacio Participacoes SA, is also investing in K-12 schools through his privately held holding.

Besides Lemann, Eleva has among its shareholders private equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC, which acquired a roughly 25% stake in Eleva for 300 million reais in 2017, in a round that valued the company at 1.3 billion reais.

Itau Unibanco Holding SA’s investment banking unit is advising Eleva in the capital raising. Eleva did not immediately comment on the matter.

($1 = 4.1451 reais)

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New 'Barney' Movie in the Works, Produced by Mattel and 'Get Out' Star Daniel Kaluuya

Do you remember Barney & Friends? The educational children’s series ran from 1992 to 2009 and focused on a group of kids who learned valuable lessons in sing-song from a big purple tyrannosaurs rex named Barney, who was really just part of their imagination. The show has been off the air for a decade, but Mattel Films is keen on bringing Barney back into the pop culture scene with an all-new live-action movie, and for some reason, Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya is producing it with them. What?!

Barney & Friends was extremely popular in the 1990s and it lasted almost to the end of the 2000s. It became famous for the constant use of the song “I Love You, You Love Me,” which got stuck in the heads of anyone who happened to be near a television when the show was on. The show was so popular that it was turned into a feature film called Barney’s Great Adventure in 1998. But now audiences will get to discover Barney all over again.

Here’s what Daniel Kaluuya had to say about producing a new Barney movie:

“Barney was a ubiquitous figure in many of our childhoods, then he disappeared into the shadows, left misunderstood. We’re excited to explore this compelling modern-day hero and see if his message of ‘I love you, you love me’ can stand the test of time.”

Is it just me or does that sound a little ominous? Obviously Kaluuya is being tongue-in-cheek about Barney disappearing into the shadows and left misunderstood. But even the idea of exploring whether the concept of “I Love You, You Love Me” still stands the test of time makes it sound like they’re going to see whether Barney can say true to his word. Would Barney still love someone if they robbed a bank? Would Barney love a murderer? Would Barney love someone who colluded with Russians? Maybe these are the questions we need answered in 2019.

Kaluuya will produce the new Barney movie through his recently formed 59% banner. He’ll be joined by Rowan Riley and Amandla Crichlow as producers, and David Carrico, Adam Paulsen and Bobby Hoppey from Valparaiso Pictures. However, the movie doesn’t currently have a studio set for distribution. PolyGram Filmed Entertainment was behind Barney’s Great Adventure, but they’re defunct now, possibly disappearing into the same shadows where Barney now resides.

Whatever this new Barney movie will be, apparently it won’t just be a rehash of the old purple dinosaur. Robbie Brenner at Mattel Films says:

“Working with Daniel Kaluuya will enable us to take a completely new approach to Barney that will surprise audiences and subvert expectations. The project will speak to the nostalgia of the brand in a way that will resonate with adults, while entertaining today’s kids.”

Subvert expectations? I feel like the only way you can do that is for Barney to come back after being released from prison. Now he has to find a job, and he ends up working at a school in a low income neighborhood, Dangerous Minds-style. Then he has to show the kids he’s cool and convince them to sing the “I Love You, You Love Me” song. And in a surprise twist, he eats one of the classmates.

In all seriousness though, Barney & Friends has been off the air for a decade. And unlike other educational children’s programs like Sesame Street and Arthur, it doesn’t seem like the kind of show that you hear a lot of fond nostalgia for from the kids who grew up watching it. So will audiences actually care about Barney coming back in a new movie? Will the show start to get re-released before the movie comes together?

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Model Believed To Have Been Strangled, Injected With Pool Cleaner, & Found Encased In Concrete

Two individuals have been arrested in connection with the death of Esmeralda Gonzalez (above, insert) — whose body may have been found encased in concrete inside a wooden box in the Las Vegas desert.

Christopher Prestipino (above, far left) was booked for the 24-year-old’s murder, while Lisa Mort (above, far right) was accused of helping him cover it up.

The model — who reportedly worked in the adult entertainment industry, and had more than 300,000 Instagram followers — disappeared May 31.

Per alleged residential surveillance video, Gonzalez — wearing lingerie and heels — was seen trying to open the door of a home around 300 yards from where Prestipino lived.

The residents inside told her she was at the wrong house, and later shared with police her “gait was unsteady and she appeared disoriented.”

Allegedly, she then walked in the direction of Prestipino’s property.

After not hearing from her for a week, Esmeralda’s brother filed a missing persons report. When he went to her home, he found the lights on, and noticed the place looked ransacked.

(He also said his sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and had been off her medication for weeks before her disappearance.)

In late July, police received a tip Prestipino might have killed Gonzalez. Additionally, another witness said Prestipino told a friend “he killed the missing girl.”

According to Chief Deputy District Attorney Pamela Weckerly, the tipster told detectives:

“Esmeralda was at Christopher’s house, and he ended up getting her high on methamphetamine… Christopher was not aware of Esmeralda’s mental problems, and she started acting bizarre and speaking in the devil’s tongue.”

Per court papers, Gonzalez was “left tied up to a bedpost for an extended period of time.” Allegedly, when Prestipino untied her, she punched him in the face, which led to him trying to strangle her.

“He thought she was dead, but she woke up.”

Police believe she was then poisoned with pool cleaner.

Afterward, in early June, Prestipino allegedly called a family friend “because he needed help” moving a wooden box full of concrete into a U-Haul truck.

Though prosecutors believe Cassandra Bascones — also known as Cassandra Garrett, Cassandra Tran, and Nikki Hart — was potentially involved, she has not yet been arrested.

After allegedly dumping the body, Prestipino snuck away to Belize, but later returned to Vegas where he was arrested. In addition to charges of murder, he is facing first-degree kidnapping resulting in substantial bodily harm and conspiracy to commit murder. He is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center.

Mort faces a charge of harboring, concealing, or aiding a felon. Though she claims to not know anything about Gonzalez’s disappearance, while in jail for an unrelated drug case, she was warned by Prestipino in a recorded call “not to speak with anyone” and “to wipe her phone.”

The Clark County coroner’s office have yet to officially identify Gonzalez’s remains.

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Lady Gaga Fan Speaks Out After Falling Off Stage With Her in Las Vegas

Lady Gaga took a frightening fall with a fan onstage during a performance of her Enigma residency at the Park MGM on Thursday night (October 17) in Las Vegas, and now, the fan is speaking out.

Following backlash on social media for allegedly picking Gaga up, which resulted in the fall, he is now defending himself with a statement on Friday (October 18).

Lady Gaga picked up my letter and invited me on stage, as I was getting out of the standing pit the floor was wet so my trainers therefore were wet getting on the stage, to clarify I categorically DID NOT pick Lady Gaga up when I got on the stage she jumped on me,” he wrote

“As I was getting up I was trying to usher her up my body kinda thing and my foots slipped. As we fell I tried to make sure I took the brunt of the fall and if you could see my leg you’d see that I kinda did. Lady Gaga herself has told people to stop with the negative comments, after the show Lady Gaga herself personally sent her security to come and find me so we could meet and chat and she told me herself I was not to blame and so did multiple members of the team.”

“So for everyone with their negative comments that have something to say, keep in mind don’t coment on something you have 0 clue about, I’ve personally spoke to Lady Gaga and we’ve had a conversation about it and how it was neither of our faults, people just need to stop now cause this is getting too much and it’s starting to affect me. I WASN’T DRUNK OR ANYTHING ELSE PEOPLE ARE ACCUSING ME OF. I WASN’T ANYTHING BUT IN AWE OF HER,” he went on to say.

READ MORE: Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage with Fan During Enigma Show in Las Vegas

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Georgia man fills up motorized coffin in bizarre viral video

He’s cruising straight to the grave.

A Georgia man was captured on video at a Savannah gas station driving a coffin.

The video, posted to “TheHoodNewsAt6” Instagram page, shows a man in gym shorts and a black suit jacket fueling up the motorized white casket before hopping in for a ride.

“He’s driving a f—ing casket!” a woman taking video of the bizarre moment can be heard saying.

“[He] just put gas in the casket,” another man in the car can be heard saying as the coffin driver fueled up his peculiar ride, which had wheels affixed to the bottom.

“And it’s moving!” the woman replied as the man turned to the camera, threw up a peace sign and drove away.

No further explanation was immediately available.

Man driving a coffin in Savannah, GeorgiaMan driving a coffin in Savannah, GeorgiaMan driving a coffin in Savannah, Georgia

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