R. Kelly’s Lawyers Have A Week To Respond To Lawsuit

Attorneys for R. Kelly were given a week’s time by a judge to respond to a sex abuse lawsuit against him, failing which, he will lose the court fight.

Cook County Associate Judge Moira Johnson gave Kelly’s lawyers until June 26 to respond to the lawsuit filed by a sex abuse victim.

The 36-year-old complainant alleges in the lawsuit filed in February that the R&B singer engaged in frequent sexual contact with her since 1998, when she was in her teens.

Kelly is mired in multiple legal battles after four women raised sexual abuse allegations against him.

After spending a few days behind bars, Kelly was released on bail from a Chicago jail in February after pleading not guilty to sexual abuse charges and posting $100,000 bail.

Forbidden from making contact with females younger than 18, the singer is awaiting trial on several sexual abuse charges, some of which have been ongoing for more than a decade.

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Who are Michael Jackson's children Paris, Prince and Blanket, who are their mothers and how old are they now?

IT'S been almost 10 years since Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009.

The King of Pop is survived by three children, but what are they doing now and how old are they?

Who are Michael Jackson's children?

The King of Pop has three kids who are known as Paris, Prince and Blanket, although they were all given longer names at birth.

“Prince” is Michael’s oldest child, and was born as Michael Joseph Prince Jackson Jr.

Michael’s second oldest child is Paris, born as Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.

Finally he had Prince Michael Jackson II, who went by the nickname Blanket.

Here's more about them and how old they are:

Prince, 22

Prince was born on February 13, 1997, to Jackson's second wife Debbie Rowe.

He was raised by his father and was 12 when he passed away.

In 2018 Prince paid the ultimate tribute to the late superstar by having the iconic singer inked on his leg.

He studied at Loyola Marymount University in California and in May 2018 was revealed to be dating fellow student Molly Schirmang.

Paris, 21

Paris now works as a model, actress and activist.

She was born on April 3, 1998, and is the second child of Jackson and wife Debbie Rowe.

She was only 11 when her father passed away.

Paris dated model Cara Delevingne in 2018 but they have since gone their separate ways.

As of 2019 Paris is in a relationship with Gabriel Glenn, who is in a band called The Soundflowers along with Paris.

Blanket, 17

The youngest Jackson child is Blanket, Prince Michael Jackson II, who was famously dangled over the balcony of his dad’s Berlin hotel as a baby – four stories above ground level – causing a media storm.

Michael later said doing this was a "terrible mistake" and a bodyguard revealed he locked himself in his room for a day in shame after the pics were taken.

Blanket was born on February 21, 2002, through artificial insemination with Jackson's sperm and a surrogate mother.

He was just seven when his dad died, and changed his name to Bigi in 2015.

In 2018, it was revealed that Blanket was going to follow in his singer father's footsteps and has dreams of being a musician.

Who are Michael Jackson's children’s mothers?

Michael Jackson was married to nurse Debbie Rowe from 1996 to 1999 and the pair had two children through artificial insemination, Prince and Paris.

When Michael and Debbie split up, Michael received full custody of their two children.

The singer went on to have a third child, Blanket, with a surrogate mother, whose identity was kept secret.

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Love Island’s Anna and Yewande swapped positions during Lucie’s meltdown leaving fans convinced it was a set up – The Sun

LOVE Island bosses have been accused of taking extreme measures to heighten tensions within the villa.

Viewers spotted that in the middle of Lucie Donlan’s on-screen meltdown, Anna Vakili, 28, and Yewande Biala, 23, mysteriously swapped positions.

At the start of the scene, where the pair are comforting Lucie, along with Amber Gill, both 21, and Maura Higgins, 28, Anna is sitting closest to Lucie.

But after the camera zooms in on Lucie crying, a shadow appears on her right shoulder and Anna appears to be standing up to go and hug her.

However this appears to have been edited out, as immediately when she goes to stand, the camera cuts to another shot of the group, which shows Yewande has swapped seats with Anna.

In the scene, Anna can be still be seen crying but has been handed a tissue and is drying her eyes.

Viewers who spotted the obvious editing called out bosses on Twitter, with Carolyn Patrick tweeting: “That’s naughty!”

Another fan, Jack Ovenden added: “I think a lot of it is set-up now unfortunately.”

A spokesperson for Love Island said: “The show is not scripted.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez shatters thermometers in skimpy bikini

The stunning Spanish model is currently living it up on a sunshine getaway with boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

And Georgina Rodriguez has certainly been making the most of her skimpy summer wear for the getaway.

Uploading to Instagram on Sunday, the 25-year-old showcased her incredible curves in all their glory in a seriously sexy bikini snap.

Georgina looked every inch the goddess as she soaked up the sun on the back of a luxury yacht.

The mum-of-one flaunted her bronzed figure in the tiny two-piece which showcased her ample cleavage and trim tummy.

Showing off her natural beauty, Georgina ditched the makeup, while her jet-black locks were swept back off her face in messy waves.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before she was inundated with comments from her whopping 11.8million followers, who couldn’t get enough of the sizzling hot snap.

One fan exclaimed: “Move over Kim Kardashian!”

A second chimed: “You are a vision of beauty, gorgeous curves.”

While a third admirer declared: “Ronaldo is a lucky man!”

Georgina has been dating footballer Cristiano, 34, for nearly three years and they share a one-year-old daughter called Alana Martina.

The former shop assistant, born to a Spanish mum and Argentinian dad, is also raising Cristiano’s near-two-year-old twins Eva and Mateo and eight-year-old son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Georgina recently told Italy’s Elle magazine that it was “love at first sight” when she met the Juventus player back in June 2016.

She told the publication: “The first meeting with Ronaldo was at Gucci where I worked as a sales assistant.

“Days later we saw each other again at another brand’s event and it was then we could talk in a relaxed atmosphere, outside of my work environment.

“It was love at first sight for both.”

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Steph Curry On Rui Hachimura: ‘It’s Exciting For The NBA To Have Representation From Japan’

Steph Curry seems pretty amped about Rui Hachimura’s entry into the NBA. 

The Golden State Warriors player spoke about Hachimura, the former Gonzaga player who made history last week as the first Japanese-born player to be selected in the NBA draft’s first round. Curry, who was in Tokyo Sunday for a youth clinic, praised Hachimura, who was selected by the Washington Wizards.

“It’s exciting for the NBA to have representation from Japan and countries all over the world,” Curry said, according to the Associated Press. “It speaks to how the game of basketball is growing everywhere, especially here. For him to be a trailblazer in terms of doing something that has never been done is good for this country.”

The six-time NBA All-Star complimented Hachimura’s skills, saying that the pioneer has “got good size” in addition to a “high basketball IQ, good touch around the rim too.” 

“I’m sure as he gets into the NBA his game will expand,” Curry said. “I think he fits into the direction the NBA is going right now; being able to score and put pressure on the defense no matter what the situation is.”

Hachimura, whose mother is Japanese and father is Beninese, isn’t shy about his roots. He showed up to the draft on Thursday in an outfit that honored both his cultures with the interior of his suit filled in with art from his heritage.

Wizards Head Coach Scott Brooks told The Sports Junkies that “nobody ever will say anything bad about the kid.”

“I’ve been talking to people trying to get as much intel in the last couple of weeks and everybody says the same thing, ‘The kids is an amazing kid, he works hard, you’re gonna love coaching him,’” Brooks said of Hachimura.  


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Cardi B and Offset drop $100K on jewelry for 1-year-old baby Kulture

Cardi B and Offset want their daughter dripping in diamonds.

Ahead of baby Kulture Kiara Cephus’ first birthday on July 10, the 26-year-old “Bodak Yellow” rapper and 27-year-old Migos member commissioned a pricey piece of custom bling: a diamond pendant and chain featuring colorful enamel characters from the Netflix series “Word Party.”

The piece was designed by celebrity jeweler Eliantte, who’s created gems for Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Future and Lil Wayne, in addition to Cardi and all three Migos members.

The approximate cost for Kulture’s new jewels? A cool $100,000, according to TMZ.

Just last month, Cardi B shelled out another $80,000 on more jewelry for her daughter, including nine diamond tennis bracelets and a pair of matching stud earrings from Pristine Jewelers. “If I’m iced out my daughter gotta be too,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post showing off Kulture’s new sparkle.

Page Six Style’s request for comment from Eliantte was not immediately returned.

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Ciara Debuted an Asymmetrical Blunt Bob at the BET Awards, and Damn, It Was Fierce

Ciara Debuted an Asymmetrical Blunt Bob at the BET Awards, and Damn, It Was Fierce

The BET Awards was a treasure trove of beauty looks, like Rihanna’s red high ponytail and Cardi B’s ultraviolet hair. But arguably, the biggest standout was Ciara’s edgy blunt bob.

For the event, Ciara’s asymmetrical bob was styled to look wet. Celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez told POPSUGAR that the haircut was actually a wig he had cut and then styled with a flat iron.

To create the wet effect, Ramirez used the Dove Care Between Washes Re-Styling Milk ($5). He split the hair into sections and made sure each one was completely saturated with the product. He then sprayed Dove Style + Care Compressed Micro Mist Flexible Hold Hairspray ($5) throughout the hair for hold and shine.

See every angle of Ciara’s hair look, ahead, and try out the look for yourself.

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First-ever giant squid filmed in U.S. waters, revealing ‘monster in our backyard’

Researchers have filmed a giant squid in U.S. waters for the first time ever, in a discovery that sheds more light on one of the most mysterious and little-understood creatures on the planet.

The footage shows a juvenile giant squid investigating an artificial lure in the “twilight zone” beneath the Gulf of Mexico, 759 metres below the surface. The 28-second video was released by a team of researchers funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on June 20.

“The old maps often showed serpents at the edge, with the warning ‘here be monsters,’” researchers Eddie Widder and Sonke Johnsen write in their blog on the NOAA website.

“However, the monsters are here, in our own backyard.”

The video is shot from a camera fixed to the artificial lure, which is designed to pulse with the low-level light of a jellyfish — one of the squid’s favourite meals.

The squid first appears as a sleek grey streak worming its way through the darkness. Then it strikes, opening out into a tangle of sucker-covered limbs so it can pull the lure in close for a bite. The squid briefly envelops the lure in its arms, then suddenly lets go upon discovering that it’s not a jellyfish. The creature flares its arms out, then tucks them in and shoots away into the darkness.

Researchers say the creature is likely about three to 3.7 metres long, or about twice as long as a human. However, it’s still small in terms of giant squid, which can grow up to 13 metres long, based on the current scientific understanding. The largest giant squid on record was 18 metres long, including its tentacles.

Widder and Johnsen point out that the juvenile giant squid is living in an area surrounded by off-shore oil rigs, meaning those operations could be putting the elusive species at risk.

“The creature of our wildest imagination is not living in a pristine deep, but among the heaviest tools of our energy infrastructure,” they write.

Widder and Johnsen say thousands of robotic and human-controlled submarines have likely travelled through the area where they found the squid, approximately 161 kilometres southeast of New Orleans. Those submersibles probably scare away squid with their lights, which would explain why no one has seen one until now.

Giant squid have long been the stuff of legend, and are said to have inspired such monsters as the mythological Kraken and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

In this photo released by Tsunemi Kubodera, a researcher with Japan’s National Science Museum, a giant squid attacking a bait squid is being pulled up by his research team off the Ogasawara Islands, south of Tokyo, on Dec. 4, 2006. Japanese researchers were the first to film a live giant squid in the deep ocean in 2013. They used a small submersible rigged with lights too dim for human or squid eyes to see.

The squid’s exact range and migration patterns are unknown, but Japanese fishermen have captured a few of them over the years.

The creatures appear grey in infrared cameras, but bright pink when they’re hauled up from the ocean.

The NOAA team’s footage nearly didn’t survive the trip. Lightning struck the research vessel’s antenna while the scientists were examining the video, wreaking havoc on their electronics and cutting their access to the internet. The scientists went above deck to survey the damage when a waterspout — effective a tornado at sea — emerged several hundred metres from their boat.

Scientists have only come to understand the creatures more thoroughly in the last century. Dead specimens occasionally wash up on beaches or turn up in the bellies of sperm whales, which are thought to prey upon them at extreme depths. However, these specimens are usually decaying, and they don’t reveal much about the lives of giant squid.

Giant squid are thought to live some 600-1,000 metres below the surface of the ocean, where it’s extremely difficult to find them or monitor their behaviour.

Widder and Johnsen say they’re glad they can shed some light on the giant squid because they hope to show that it’s not a monster at all.

“What were once monsters to be feared are now curious and magnificent creatures that delight,” they wrote.

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Lizzo Is Freaking Out Over Rihanna’s Reaction To Her BET Awards Performance

Lizzo is feeling good as hell today. The rapidly rising star made her BET Awards debut on Sunday, June 23, performing her breakout single "Truth Hurts," dressed as one of the hottest brides ever, and completely dominating the stage. As you can guess, she certainly made an impression on viewers, but perhaps no one loved it more than Rihanna, who gave her a standing ovation before she was even done. In fact, Rihanna’s reaction to Lizzo’s BET Awards performance was so instantly iconic, it set Twitter on fire, making everyone want the same love in their life that Bad Gal Riri has for the singer (and her flute, Sasha).

Lizzo made her entrance on the BET stage standing atop a large wedding cake, with a posse of turnt-up bridesmaids beneath her, and performed in a full-on wedding dress, completely with a dramatic veil and twerking tassels on her behind — what more could you want? After she brought out Sasha and delivered a knockout flute solo, Rihanna immediately rose to her feet, giving her a round of applause and jamming to the song in approval. The camera caught her clapping once again when the performance was finished, this time with an affirming point to the singer, as if she was saying, "you’re 100% that b*itch." Lizzo knew that already, but Rihanna’s affirmation is always a blessing.

Naturally, Twitter totally loved that the superstar had the same reaction as they did to Lizzo’s show-stopping number, making it one of the show’s highlights. In fact, most Twitter users agreed that Riri’s reaction was a total mood.

Other users pined for someone in their life to love them the same way that Riri loves Lizzo. Honestly, same.

Lizzo responded to the online hysteria via both Twitter and Instagram, because one social media network was not enough to contain her excitement. She posted a clip of the moment on Instagram, simply captioning it “RIHANNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” — a perfectly natural reaction to the queen. She even got in on the meme action herself on Twitter, where she posted a screenshot of Rihanna pointing right next to a picture of her on stage. “That’s it… that’s the tweet,” she wrote, and really, that’s all fans needed.

However, even though Lizzo alone is worth the trip, she’s not why Rihanna made an appearance at the BET Awards. The superstar was there to present R&B and hip-hop icon Mary J. Blige with the BET Lifetime Achievement Award. She gave one of the more touching dedications of the night, delivering a speech on the singer’s influence on music and historic allocades — including her title as the first person ever to nominated for an Oscar in an acting and music category in the same year.

"Happy Mary. Sad Mary. Mad Mary. No more drama Mary. Dancing Mary. We’re here for all of it," she said while presenting the award. “Mary J. Blige, you have set the bar for relatable, timeless, classic music," Rihanna said. "You opened multiple doors for female artists in this industry. On behalf of all the women who came after you like myself, thank you for being you so we can be comfortable being ourselves.”

As she accepted the trophy, Blige sent the same love back to Riri, telling her, "I don’t think you know how much I love and respect you. I’m a huge fan and you inspire me right back.” Female icons supporting and celebrating each other, whether it’s by jamming out to a killer performance or paying tribute in a speech — that’s the ultimate mood.

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Suspected carjacker behind bars in connection with three incidents

Winnipeg police have arrested a suspect in relation to a carjacking and a pair of attempted carjackings in the Garden City area back in May.

Around 10:30 a.m. on May 21, a man walked up to a vehicle with two people inside near McPhillips Street and Leila Avenue.

He pulled out a machete and tried to steal it, but was unsuccessful.

The suspect attempted to do the same thing to a nearby vehicle but once again, was unsuccessful.

Shortly afterward, he was able to carjack a vehicle with an adult and a child inside and fled the area.

None of the victims were injured in any of these incidents.

Police said they were able to identify the suspect due to surveillance images, and took him into custody on Saturday morning.

Harry Bittern, 28, faces charges of weapon possession and three counts of robbery.

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